Consultation on Draft Equality and Human Rights Scheme

24 February 2010

CQC consultation

1. Do you think the strategic priorities set out in our draft Scheme are the right ones for the CQC?


2. We have used a rights-based approach to address inequality and discrimination. Do you think this is the right approach?


3. Any other suggestions?

The British Geriatrics Society welcomes the Care Quality Commission’s aim to weave equality and Human rights into the day to day fabric of health and social care.Dignity, Humanity and respect should underpin all care of older people.We understand that you have adopted a social model throughout your rights based approach and fully support the maintenance of a holistic view of people as unique individuals. Age  Discrimination:We have concerns that inadequate, poorly coordinated social and health care leads to older people with dementia suffering. Inappropriate health and social care in their own homes can lead to their  self neglect and ill health. We would suggest that there should be more emphasis on the importance of a human’s rights approach in the care of older people with dementia. For example an older person with dementia may not recognise their need for help and refuse care.We are of the opinion that frail older people who may have additional functional or cognitive impairment are entitled to have a comprehensive multi-disciplinary assessment, including a specialist medical assessment, to ensure that they achieve their maximum potential and are able to maintain control over their lives.  This is particularly important for those who are considering going into a care home.In hospital the needs of frail older people with multiple functional problems and co-morbidities may not be recognised and managed leading to their loss of control and independence. We would also emphasise that older people in the care home sector need attention. The transfer of care from long stay hospitals to the care home sector has not been accompanied by a shift of resources. There should be collaboration between the Equality and Human Rights Scheme and the Care Quality Commission’s work in the Care Home Sector.