Remember the BGS in your will

The British Geriatrics Society is a registered charity dedicated to improving the healthcare of older people. Our members are doctors, trainees, students, nurses and allied healthcare professionals passionately committed to the specialist care of older people with frailty and other complex needs. 

For over 70 years, BGS members have been at the forefront of providing excellent healthcare for older people with frailty and other complex needs.  Each of you has given expert care, kindness and comfort to older people and their families at difficult periods of their lives. 

Through the work of BGS, we hope that future members will be able to access the best research, grants and career development opportunities so that they can to continue to transform care for future generations of older people across the UK.  
The next few decades will see the biggest growth in the number of older people ever witnessed. The ability for BGS to be at the forefront of developing research and best practice will be stretched as demand grows.

Our current sources of income, from membership, events and our journal will not grow sufficiently to support the BGS of the future.  We are ambitious to expand out services, but we will be limited in what we can achieve unless we find new sources of income.

We hope you will decide to help us shape that future by leaving a gift in your will to help BGS. You can leave us a small percentage of what your estate will be worth – even 1% of its worth would be a huge help – or a modest cash sum. 

Many unions offer members a free or discounted will if you do not have one.  

Gifts in wills have already helped our work:

Gifts in wills have already supported to important areas of our work:

Several bequests have enabled us to offer research grants, fellowships and prizes. Our new website was funded by someone remembering us in their will, and this has enabled us to make information and resources more accessible to members, students, other healthcare professionals and policy makers. The Forster Report was also funded by a Gift in a will.  It has given us a brilliantly clear focus for the future.  The vision and generosity of some past BGS members who have chosen to include the BGS in their wills has given us practical help and an important vision for the future.

How to leave a gift in your will to the BGS

If you decide to include the BGS in your will, you can ask your solicitor or professional advisor to do this by giving them the following details:

The British Geriatrics Society
Registered office:
Marjory Warren House
31 St John’s Square
Registered charity number:  268762 

It is entirely up to you whether you tell us that you are remembering the BGS in your will. You simply have to tell your solicitor or professional adviser how much you would like to leave to the Society.  You could choose to leave the BGS a cash sum or a %age of your estate. 

Depending on your circumstances it is possible that your estate will save up to £400 inheritance tax for every £1,000 you leave us. 

Your gift, our promise

  • We recognise that when you prepare your will, your family and close ones must come first.
  • If you tell us you have left a gift in your will to BGS, we would love to say a simple ‘thank you’.  
  • We will never ask you to share information about the value or type of gift you have chosen to leave to BGS. That is a private matter for you.
  • We know that personal circumstances change and there might be a time when you decide you need to take BGS out of your will. 
  • We promise to use your gift wisely.  
  • If you want BGS to dedicate your gift to an area of our work that’s special to you we are happy to discuss this with you.

Our thanks for your gift

Your legacy will support enable future generations of clinicians and healthcare professionals to be more effective in providing the best healthcare for older people. 
We are planning to display such gratitude in a suitable way at Marjory Warren House. 

Finally, if you do choose to remember the BGS with a gift in your will - thank you - we will use it wisely!