Vacancies: Nurse and AHP Council Representatives on BGS Committees

One of the Nurse and AHP Council’s priorities is to encourage engagement and voice for Nurses and AHPs across the 4 nations of the United Kingdom.
We are currently seeking a Nurse/AHP to sit on the England Council. The England Council comprises representatives from each of the 14 regions in England, and aims to strengthen region cohesion, learning and professional development in the BGS. Nurses and AHPs are under-represented in the region committees and activities, so it is felt that having an advocate on the England Council from the Nurses/AHPs Council would help to encourage more engagement by nurses and AHPs in the BGS community within England regions.
This is an excellent leadership opportunity to influence the BGS England Council, promote the Nurses and AHPs Council and to connect ,share knowledge and ideas and learn across disciplines with the primary purpose of collaboratively improving the health of older people.
BGS England has 14 regions and we are seeking contributions to projects and regional conferences from local members, including Nurses and AHPs. It is a new recruitment drive and we hope that each region will have at least one active member of the Nurse/AHP Council who will then report to the England Council rep. The role will require scoping the current activity of nurses and AHPs across England, finding ways to increase our contribution to the BGS.
The successful applicant will also receive peer support from the Nurses and AHPs Council Committee Chair and the Committee members who are all senior nurses and AHPs working in advanced/consultant practice, research, education, leadership and improvement roles as well as support from the BGS secretariat. They will attend meetings (currently virtual) of the Nurses and AHPs Council Committee.
This is also a new role and you will be able to develop it and make it your own.
This role could be done as a job share with another BGS Nurse and AHP Council member.
It is a two-year tenure and you will be required to attend both the BGS Nurse and AHP Council Committee and the BGS England Council meetings.
Both of these have four meetings a year. If you cannot attend the meeting in person (at present all meetings are virtual due to COVID). you can send in a report, phone in or if the role is shared (this is an option) you can both
decide which of the meetings that you and your job share partner will attend.
If you would like any further information on this role or are interested in applying please contact Joanna Gough at j [dot] gough [at] bgs [dot] org [dot] uk by 9 November 2020.

If you are a nurse or AHP with enthusiasm, and experience, in the research agenda please apply for this interesting and developmental opportunity.

Description of role
  •  Represent the Nurse and AHP Council on the RADC Committee and advocate the Council’s ambition for research.
  • Keep abreast of research pertinent to nurses or AHPs working with older people
  • Initiate, analyse and conclude discussions with Nurse and AHP council pertaining to the RADC agenda.
  • Assist with abstract marking for BGS bi-annual conferences
  • Develop an understanding of research in geriatrics and their opportunities for nurses and AHPs
  • Attend and actively contribute to 4 ETC meetings (To be shared with your joint representative) and subsequent actions, per year.
  • Attend and provide feedback to Nurse and AHP Council committee meetings four times per year (To be shared with your joint representative).
Please send a CV and statement about why you should be considered for the post to Joanna Gough at j [dot] gough [at] bgs [dot] org [dot] uk by 9 November 2020. The post is a shared post and the current NAHP rep is Michelle Board, who is happy to answer any questions that you may have.