Calling all Allied Health Professionals and Nurses! An opportunity to Chair the BGS Nurses and AHPs Council

08 July 2019

Cliff Kilgore is a Consultant Nurse Older People Dorset Healthcare NHS trust, Visiting Fellow at Bournemouth University and outgoing Chair of the BGS’ Nurses and AHPs Council. He tweets @kilgore_cliff

As the demitting Chair I have been asked to share my experiences of my time in this post. Two years ago the BGS created the Nurses and AHPs Council in response to the changing face of the organisation and the need to further embrace the importance of multi-disciplinary working within older people’s healthcare. With this significant development, it was a privilege to be voted in as the first Chair of the Council and to be the first non-physician clinician on the BGS Trustee board (with the exception of the lay trustees). 

But like all new ventures I really had no idea what this meant and how my colleagues within the BGS would respond to the changes. It was great that my position was largely met with enthusiasm from most of the BGS membership but there were understandable concerns from some members, who worried about the effects that non-physicians might have on an organisation that was initially set up for medical consultants. I can honestly say that the growing support I have received over the last 2 years by all members has been fantastic.

From the early days of uncertainty it has developed into an exciting opportunity for me to share the thoughts and professional developments of the Nurses and AHPs Council with the organisation and in doing so, have an opportunity to develop personally as a leader in healthcare. Some of the highlights of being Chair have been speaking internationally in Israel and Russia on the work of the BGS in care of older people. I even had an amazing afternoon at Buckingham Palace as part of the team representing the BGS at Prince Charles’ Birthday party.

Overall the last two years has been a wonderful opportunity for me personally and has been made all the easier by fantastic colleagues on the council and throughout the wider BGS membership.

I would like to end this with a plea and reminder that all nurses and allied healthcare professionals have the right to apply to be chair of the Nurses and AHPs Council and I would hope that some of you would consider applying. Unfortunately, I cannot promise you Buckingham Palace! But who knows what the next two years might bring…


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