Dr Emma Lawrence

Trainee Representative

I graduated from Keele University in July 2023 and I am currently working as an FY1 at Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

I became interested in geriatrics prior to medical school by working as a care assistant in a nursing home and have continued to grow my interest during my first FY1 rotation in geriatric medicine.

Reason for joining the Trent Region Committee
  • Enhancing quality of life in the elderly population is important to me and I am especially passionate about improving care for patients with dementia and delirium. As well as clinical practice, I am keen to get involved with research and raising awareness of the importance of geriatric medicine within our ageing population.
  • I became a member of the British Geriatrics Society as a first-year medical student and now that I have graduated, I wanted to get more involved as a point of contact for foundation doctors within the region and help BGS achieve its aim of providing high-quality, personalised care for older people.

emma [dot] lawrence46 [at] nhs [dot] net (Get in contact)