Age and Ageing journal publishes new care homes collection

Age and Ageing, the official journal of the BGS, has published a new themed collection of papers on care homes, alongside an exclusive new commentary on the subject.

The collection features recent and relevant papers covering healthcare in care home settings, and has been curated by a group of experts: Wilco Achterberg, Chloe Bennett and Claire Goodman, alongside Adam Gordon, BGS President Elect and Age and Ageing Associate Editor.

Topics covered within the collection include non-pharmacological strategies for residents with dementia, end-of-life care, sexuality and intimacy, and the care home workforce. In addition, all of the papers published  in Age and Ageing to date on the topic of COVID-19 in care homes are included.

The collection also examines issues such as measurement of quality of life in care homes, as well as studies on loneliness, functional dependence, stroke outcomes and acute deterioration.

All papers within the collection are free to access.

Click here to read the collection in full on the Age and Ageing website, or click here to read the associated commentary.