Age and Ageing collection: Care Homes

Adam Gordon
Date Published:
19 October 2021
Last updated: 
19 October 2021

Care homes enable people with advanced physical and cognitive impairment to live well with 24-hour support from staff.  They are a feature of care systems in most countries.  They have proved pivotal to the COVID-19 response.

We searched Age and Ageing for care home articles published since 2015.  From these we collated 42 into the Age and Ageing care home collection.  This collection, published on the Age and Ageing website, draws together important papers that show how our journal is helping to shape and grow care home research.

The collection outlines the technical issues that researchers face, by grouping together important feasibility trials conducted in the sector.  It looks at the challenges of measuring quality of life and working with routine data in care homes. It brings together observational studies considering loneliness, functional dependency, stroke outcomes, prescribing and acute deterioration. Health services research in care homes is represented by two studies that demonstrate realist evaluation as a way to make sense of service innovations.

Papers are included that consider: non-pharmacological strategies for residents with dementia, end-of-life care, sexuality and intimacy, and the care home workforce.  Given the importance of the COVID-19 pandemic in care homes, all of the care home COVID-19 papers published in Age and Ageing to date are included.

Finally, a group of papers that present innovative approaches to research in care homes, each of which gives voice to residents and/or staff, are collated and presented as a way of moving towards a more resident- and care home-centred research agenda.

- Adam L Gordon, Chloe Bennett, Claire Goodman, Wilco P Achterberg

The commentary

We have written a commentary to accompany this collection, Making progress: but a way to go—the age and ageing care-home collection, published on the Age and Ageing journal website

The collection

Feasibility Randomized Controlled Trials in Care Homes

Measuring Quality of Life in Care Home Residents

Routine data and care home residents


Risk factors for admissions to care home

Changes in care home population over time

Stroke outcomes in care home residents

Prescribing in care home residents

Acute deterioration in care home residents

Health services research in care homes

Non-pharmacological strategies for dementia

End of life care

Sexuality and intimacy

Care home workforce

COVID-19 in care homes

Developing care home and resident centred research

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