QI Workshop

Fri 26 November 2021
A BGS workshop, part of BGS Autumn 2021, on Quality improvement

This workshop is designed to support attendees to develop their understanding of the processes involved in quality improvement and seek one to one advice on furthering a project they are working on.

Ideally you will need to have an existing piece of QI work to bring with you and discuss to participate in the workshop.

We aim to discuss the nature and purpose of quality improvement, the stages of QI methodology, and the steps for ensuring effective QI supervision. We encourage all grades who wish to improve their practice in improving quality.

Who should join:

  • All professionals providing healthcare to older people undertaking, or planning to undertake a QI project.


  • Improve attendees' skills in the planning and delivery of a QI project
  • Inspire attendees to achieve personal excellence in their project
  • Share focused best practice  
  • Takeaway new activities and ideas to advance attendees' skills