Adam Gordon

Provided advice, research evidence, clinical guidance and leadership

"I don't know Professor Gordon well - a little time spent in Nottingham on a visit and a couple of conference chats - but during the pandemic I asked him for advice on various challenging topics to ensure that I was doing absolutely all I could to positively impact our frail, older patients. Professor Gordon never hesitated to provide advice or a link to the latest research/evidence base. That kind of support has been invaluable this year and I am deeply grateful."

- Katie Honney

"Professor Gordon has worked tirelessly to support care home residents and staff. His established role as an academic leader in care home medicine and advocate for the sector meant his contribution was informed, effective and empathic. He ensured the timely production and update of British Geriatrics Society care homes guidance, co-produced with the sector and practitioners. Furthermore, he has enabled care home research, securing large-scale NIHR-funding on the pivotal areas of testing, prevention and treatment. All this while continuing his clinical practice in University Hospital Derby – a truly inspirational leader."

- Jenni Burton