Dementia, Delirium and Brain Health

This group has a role in four areas:

Collaboration, exchange of ideas and advice

  • To provide a stronger interface between the British Geriatrics Society, the Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and other professional groups working in the field of dementia and related disorders.
  • To provide expert opinion on behalf of the BGS to interested professionals and organisations.
  • To communicate and publicise the activities and opinions of the group effectively with the BGS, the Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry and other interested professionals/organistions.

Education, Training and Research

  • To develop an education and training strategy which reviews, advises on and develops undergraduate, postgraduate and subspecialty curricula in order to ensure that they are fit for purpose for delivery of excellent treatment and care to the older population with dementia and associated disorders today.
  • To stimulate and promote high quality research.


  • To provide expert advice on policy to the British Geriatrics Society, and other interested professionals/organisations.
  • To provide a forum for structured informed debate around areas pertaining to policy and strategy.

Quality and Improvement

  • To improve the quality of care for older people with dementia and related disorders.
  • To attract and channel expertise from non-BGS members e.g. general practitioners, nurses, cardiac technicians, clinical and non-clinical scientists.