Dr Anirudh Kumar


I am Ani, an ST4 Geriatric Medicine Registrar based in the East Midlands. I graduated from the University of Leicester in 2016, and undertook my postgraduate training in Derbyshire and South Yorkshire. I am presently an Education and Training Representative on BGS Trainees’ Council. I am delighted to also be supporting the Trent region on a local level as a co-chair of Trent regional council.

Reason for joining the Trent Region Committee

The Trent region has always fostered a strong cohort of healthcare professionals with close involvement within BGS. As part of the potential “next generation” of geriatricians, I am honoured to being my involvement too, and help engage more members new to the BGS from our region to take part in and contribute to regional and national events.

anirudh [dot] kumar [at] nhs [dot] net (Get in contact)

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