Dr Catherine Ashton

Educational Meeting and Events Representative
Role on the Council

Educational Meeting and Events representative

Purpose of role

To ensure that the content of BGS meetings meets trainees' requirements, whilst simultaneously being engaging and accessible to all trainees. To encourage participation from trainees at meetings.


National trainees council meetings

Reason for joining the BGS Trainee’s Council

Having a keen interest in medical education, I wanted to ensure that the meetings organised by the BGS were valuable training and learning experiences for trainees and in turn, improve the future care of older people. I am keen to incorporate more innovative teaching and learning methods at meetings and encourage other trainees to present their work. I was also keen to have the opportunity to talk to other trainees across the country and share learning experiences and good practice, to further improve training on a local and national level.

Why trainees should get involved with the committee

The committee provides a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded, enthusiastic trainees who are passionate about the delivery of high-quality training in Geriatric Medicine. Sharing ideas and experiences (both positive and negative), can only serve to improve our training and the care of older people.

Term of Office: 2 years
E-mail: Catherine [dot] ashton6 [at] nhs [dot] net