Dr Charlotte Squires

Digital Media Editor and Trainee Representative

Charlotte Squires is a medical registrar in the Scottish borders.

While she loves all things geriatric medicine related, she is particularly interested in cognitive disorders, anticipatory planning, and simulation training.

She first became interested in the role of social media in medical education during a period off work due to illness, as she quickly realised it was a fantastic way to keep up to speed with new developments and to engage with the wider healthcare community.

This experience also made her consider how we can better involve patients in discussions across all areas of healthcare.

Role on the committee

I aspire to keep all trainee members up to date regarding upcoming opportunities, including conferences and educational opportunities, grants and fellowships, and also any new BGS initiatives that would both be beneficial for trainees, but also benefit from their involvement.

Reasons for joining the council

I currently serve as the BGS Digital Media Editor with responsibility for editing our blog and running our online book club amongst other things and felt this role complemented these duties well. I also felt it provided a fantastic opportunity to learn more about how communications can positively benefit our members, and improve a sense of cohesion and belonging. In these current uncertain times, clear communication and leadership from the BGS is of significant importance in both supporting our members, but also the patients we serve and I am committed to being a part of this, and ensuring that trainees are supported, in the loop, and valued at this time.

Why trainees should get involved

The BGS not only provides excellent opportunities for trainee doctors but more importantly supports the building of relationships with the broad and protean range of healthcare professionals committed to older adult care. Advocating for older adults, particularly in the context of Covid-19 has been a key focus for the society and having a wider view of issues on a national scale, and not just those in our local hospitals, is good preparation for trainees given their future roles as healthcare leaders.

Charlotte tweets at @charsquires