Dr Deyo Okubadejo

Chair, East Anglia

Hi everyone, I am a Consultant in Geriatric Medicine, I have been based in Peterborough since 1998. During that time our department of Medicine for Older People has trebled from an establishment of three substantive consultants to nine. This reflects the national trend for increase in geriatric medicine which with cardiology is now one the two largest medical specialties in the UK.

I have an interest in falls and frailty, I am also part of our local GIM consultant rota. Although I am now mainly hospital based I have in the past worked with community intermediate care teams and undertaken frequent care home visits. Like many Geriatricians I am involved in a management and leadership role. I am currently Divisional Director for Emergency and Medicine in my trust and I would recommend this as a career choice for interested trainees and new consultants in Geriatric Medicine.

The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted how important it is for Geriatricians to vocally champion the needs of older people. I believe this a vital part of our role and one which we must teach future generations of doctors and other healthcare professionals.

I am passionate about developing strong multi-disciplinary teams to provide services for older people. In the East Anglia Region we will encourages a wide range of healthcare professionals other than doctors to take part in BGS activities.

I can be contacted via the BGS members directory