Dr Rebecca Winter

Education and Training Representative
Role on the Council

Education and Training Representative

Role on the Council

As Education and Training Reps, part of our roles are to liaise with the Specialist Advisory Committees (SAC) and the BGS Education and Training Committee (ETC) regarding updates in education and training matters. It is our responsibility to hear, understand and represent trainees' voices regarding planned changes. As part of this we are currently negotiating on behalf of trainees regarding the new geriatric curriculum in development. Looking forwards we are hoping to improve liaison with trainees from special interest groups, particularly GP and other specialties (such as psychiatry).


BGS ETC, SAC at the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB), National trainees’ council meetings.

Reason for joining the BGS Trainee’s Council

I am really happy to be more involved in the great work at the BGS. I applied for this role as it combines my love for Geriatric Medicine, education and research and feel very excited at the prospect of working with such inspirational people. For so many reasons, it is such an important time for us to be a geriatricians and I hope to bring my enthusiasm and knowledge to represent ideas and opinions of trainees and encourage effective training in both undergraduate and postgraduate geriatric medicine. I feel strongly that we should engage students, junior doctors and trainees from other specialties and external committees to learn and share from each other, particularly in a world where patients with frailty have an increasing prevalence and the shape of training must reflect this.

Why trainees should get involved with the committee

I think the BGS is a great influence on the development and improvement of geriatric medicine, shaping our training and inspiring doctors of the future to become geriatricians, and in other specialities to learn important skills of geriatric medicine. I am excited to be involved and look forward to contributing as well as getting an opportunity to develop leadership and management skills.

Term of Office: 2 years (until November 2021)
E-mail: Rebecca [dot] winter10 [at] nhs [dot] net