Dr Tom Bartlett

Vice President, Clinical Quality

Tom is a consultant Geriatrician based in Dorset. He first started working for the BGS as a trainee representative in the Clinical Quality Committee.

Much of his clinical time is spent blurring the lines between inpatient and community care, leading in hospital at home services.

He has led QI education research and has been involved in QI education within the BGS. Alongside this he is involved in regional and national QI teaching. A particular passion is empowering individuals and groups to make positive changes. He is keen to develop the role of the BGS in providing resources, especially in capturing patient voice in both improvement and system change.

The Clinical Quality committee and Tom welcome any ideas, suggestions or just conversation. Tom can be directly contacted at tom [dot] bartlett [at] uhd [dot] nhs [dot] uk or @talltom1980.