2022 Network meta-analysis in ageing research

Live 14 March 12.00 - 13.00 GMT
A BGS webinar on network meta-analysis in aging research. Part of a BGS Sarcopenia & Frailty SIG seminar series

Who should join:

  • All professionals providing healthcare to older people


  • Describe Network Meta-Analysis - what is it and how can it help

  • Provide examples of Network Meta-Analysis  in the real world

  • Discuss how this could help improve healthcare of older people 


Older people, clinicians, commissioners and policymakers often need to select the best possible treatment from a range of possible options, but standard meta-analysis methods that compare treatments head-to-head or against a control do not support this. Network meta-analysis allows the simultaneous comparison of a large number of possible treatments to work out which is likely to be the best option, based on ranking treatments from most to least effective, and has recently started to be used as a powerful method of evidence synthesis in ageing research.

In this webinar Richard Riley, an international expert on network meta-analysis, will outline the principles behind network meta analysis and how it can be applied in ageing research, illustrated by a case example from Tom Crocker, who is leading a network meta-analysis of community-based complex interventions for older people. This will be followed by an expert panel discussion including the speakers joined by Terry Quinn, Susie Shenkin and Andy Clegg as academic geriatricians with expertise in evidence synthesis and network meta-analysis.


12.00 Welcome & introductions: Professor Andrew Clegg, Professor of Geriatric Medicine, University of Leeds & Bradford Royal Infirmary

12.05 Network Meta-Analysis - an overview: Professor Richard Riley, Professor of Biostatistics, Keele University

12.25 Network Meta-Analysis of Community-based Complex Interventions for Older People: Dr Tom Crocker, Senior Research Fellow, Bradford Institute for Health Research

12.45 Panel discussion