BGS and RSM Anaemia at older age: A contemporary review and update

Thu 18 March 2021
This meeting will discuss anaemia in older patients. Anaemia is a common, multifactorial and complex condition in older people. In many, it is poorly assessed or not investigated, and there are currently no defined national guidelines on management pathways. We aim to raise awareness and recognition of the multiple aetiologies, the significant clinical and non-clinical implications, and the differences in the management and approach of the older patient with anaemia. Whilst anaemia in older people is included in specialist trainee curriculum, both in general medicine and included in frailty, there is no specific designated training day on the subject. It is often underrepresented in local and national conferences but remains increasingly prevalent in our ageing population. We hope to promote this area of geriatric medicine and address this unmet educational need. This meeting will educate and empower those involved geriatric care to appreciate and navigate the complexities involved and improve their recognition and management of anaemia at older age.

This meeting will:

  • Demonstrate current best thinking and practice on anaemia in older people and to provide a multidisciplinary forum for discussion of the management challenges in this group of patients
  • Provide awareness of the aetiology and pathology of anaemia in older people and their comorbidity, including frailty
  • Discuss the relative risks and benefits of various treatment options for older patients undergoing surgery; those with anaemia of chronic disease; with clonal anaemias; with iron deficiency with or without bleeding
  • Foster an appreciation of the differences in management and approach of the older person with anaemia
  • Recognise the importance of a multidisciplinary and integrated approach in the management of the older person with anaemia, both in and out of hospital