The BGS Forum

Introducing the BGS Forum

The forum is open to all healthcare professionals to join, regardless of membership of the BGS. The forum aims to allow users to share information and create a peer-to-peer forum for the discussion of issues relating to improving the healthcare of older people.

The forum has various rooms that you can join depending on your interest. And within each room, you can read past posts, post a message seeking help, or describing a project you are working on seeking feedback and then come back to check after a few days if there are any replies. As more professionals use the forum, the more useful it will become to individuals. You can start a thread for discussion by replying directly to comments.

Please use the forum to share information, seek support and make new connections.

Go to the forum 

You will need to log in to your BGS account and click on ‘Forum’ which is on the right-hand side of the menu bar.

If you don't have a web account, you can create a free BGS website account and then click on ‘Forum’ which is on the right-hand side of the menu bar.

What is the purpose of the BGS Forum?

A forum specifically for clinicians and health and care professionals to discuss, comment and ask questions.

  • General channels to aid discussion with rooms based on geography (Scotland), theme (Dementia) or profession (Nurses and AHPs)
  • Submit questions and provide answers between both BGS members and other HCPs
  • Support where health professionals can ask questions directly to others or share their successes

Key information 


    Overview of the Forum

    Logging in to the Forum

    How to access the Forum

    Accepting the Terms and Conditions

    Joining Rooms