Movement Disorders Special Interest Group (SIG)

We represent geriatricians and other healthcare professionals working in the field of Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders. We believe in advancing the understanding and treatment of movement disorders and want to improve provisions for everyone with these conditions. We feel that older people with movement disorders can be affected in different ways that require a specialist approach from people that have the right skills.

What we do

Within BGSMDS we have a well-established history of supporting specialist educational meetings for clinicians including our own national conference and the BritMoDis meeting, for which we collaborate with the Association of British Neurologists and the Parkinson’s Disease Nurse Specialist Association. As part of the British Geriatrics Society, we form part of a large confederation of specialists who share the same values and goals.  For many years we have worked very closely with 3rd sector organisations such as Parkinson’s UK and we look forward to continuing that in the future. We support an annual essay competition for healthcare undergraduates in which we challenge them to think creatively about these conditions in order to better understand their impact.

The future

We believe that we can do even more to help. With that in mind we are hoping to develop guidelines to help others to improve local services. We will continue to work as a close partner of Parkinson’s UK and the UK Parkinson’s Excellence Network.  We will seek opportunities to support research and quality improvement projects and provide a forum for the results of these works to be shared.


We are only as strong as the people that make up our numbers. We invite healthcare professionals that share our aims to sign up as members of the SIG. We want to be the focal point for an active and engaged membership that is working to innovate, ask questions and provide support.  If you are already a member and are interested in joining the committee we would love to hear from you too, particularly if you have passion for a subject that we do not have represented. Thank you for taking the time to read this and we look forward to working with you in future.