Age and Ageing Journal now highest ranked journal in the Geriatrics & Gerontology category

Age and Ageing, the scientific journal of the British Geriatrics Society, is now the most highly ranked journal (out of 54) in the ‘geriatrics and gerontology’ category, with an increased Journal Impact Factor1 of 12.782. This new score, which coincides with the journal’s 50th anniversary year, saw a 19.8% increase on the journal’s 2021 impact factor of 10.668. The journal’s new CiteScore2 is 11.0, placing it in the 97th percentile for 'geriatrics and gerontology'. Age and Ageing's new five-year impact factor is 9.954, up from 8.222 the previous year.

Age and Ageing’s increased impact factor was supported by an unprecedented 90% increase in the number of submissions in 2021. During this period there were 3,221 citations of Age and Ageing content including the top cited paper ‘Sarcopenia: revised European consensus on definition and diagnosis’ which received an exceptional 1,250 citations. Other top cited papers include ‘COVID-19 in older people: a rapid clinical review’, ‘The prevalence of sarcopenia in community-dwelling older adults, an exploration of differences between studies and within definitions: a systematic review and meta-analyses’ and ‘Association of frailty with mortality in older inpatients with Covid-19: a cohort study’. To celebrate these remarkable achievements, Age and Ageing has released a free collection of influential articles which includes the top cited papers during this period.

This year’s impact factor reflects an increase in the number of high-quality submissions. To meet the pace of the journal’s recent growth and its new format of continuous digital publishing, the Editorial Board has been expanded and further diversified. Age and Ageing’s new score and ranking is a testimony to the hard work, expertise, and commitment of the journal’s editorial staff, researchers and authors.

Professor Rowan Harwood, Editor-in-Chief of Age and Ageing, commented:

We are delighted that Age and Ageing’s Impact Factor has risen to 12.8. This moves us into first place out of the 54 journals in the category ‘geriatrics and gerontology’. Underpinning the journal’s success is our dedication to publishing rigorous, relevant, and practical research, as well as prioritising papers that will influence practice. Our outlook is proudly international, and increasingly so, with contributors, peer-reviewers and editors drawn from across the world. Everyone at the journal is dedicated to the cause of improving the health of older people, health services, and the education and policy that supports these goals. Our record-breaking new impact factor tells us that this work is thriving.”

Dr Jennifer Burns, President of the British Geriatrics Society, commented:

The BGS’s journal, Age and Ageing, goes from strength to strength. High-quality academic papers are a vital part of improving clinical practice in treating older people with illness, frailty and disability and providing better care right up to the end of life. The new impact factor of 12.8 is a fantastic testament to the hard work and intellectual rigour of all involved with the journal.’’

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1. 2020 Journal Impact Factor™, Journal Citation Reports (Source Clarivate, 2022). The Journal Impact Factor is a scientometric index that reflects the yearly mean number of citations of articles published in the last two years.
2. CiteScore™ 2021 for Age and Ageing. Calculated by Scopus on 5 May 2022 for Geriatrics and Gerontology. The CiteScore is a measure reflecting the yearly average number of citations to recent articles published in that journal.