NHS Five Year Forward View

23 October 2014

This report represents the shared view of the NHS’ national leadership on how the NHS needs to change to meet future needs. The report identified a gap of £30 billion by 2020/21 between resources and patient needs and stated that action will be needed on three fronts – demand, efficiency and funding – to close this gap. The Five Year Forward View also stated that local health communities would be supported by NHS national leadership to choose from a number of new care delivery options. These include a Multispeciality Community Provider option permitting groups of GPs to combine with nurses, other community health services, hospital specialists and perhaps mental health and social care to create integrated out-of-hospital care; and Primary and Acute Care Systems combining general practice and hospital services. With regard to care homes, the Five Year Forward View also calls for the development of “new shared models of in-reach support, including medical reviews, medication reviews and rehab services.”