Professor Adam Gordon MBE


Adam Gordon is Professor of the Care of Older People at the University of Nottingham and a Consultant Geriatrician at the University Hospitals of Derby and Burton. He is the current President of BGS, serving from November 2022 to November 2024.

His clinical work focuses on older people admitted as emergencies to acute hospital. He also has an interest in how older people with frailty are supported through surgery and has helped to establish surgical liaison services in both Derby and Nottingham.

Adam's research interests are predominantly in how healthcare is delivered in care homes. Some of his work in this area has helped shape national policy to enable access for care home residents to the complex, multidisciplinary care which they need. He led the authorship of the BGS guidance on managing COVID-19 in care homes and more recently helped collate the Ambitions for Change document that sets out the Society’s vision for healthcare in care homes in the future. He has recently begun to work in the field of sarcopenia as part of the Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research at the University of Nottingham. He maintains an active educational portfolio and played a key role in developing the UK and European recommended undergraduate curricula in geriatric medicine.

Adam is an National Institute of Health Research Senior Investigator. He is a firm believer in bringing clinicians from the full range of health and social care disciplines into research, and ensuring that care professionals and patients can access the results of research to improve their care experience.

He Tweets as @adamgordon1978