Evaluation of an Otago Exercise Programme and behaviour change techniques to ensure adherence

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Claire Telfer-Knight
Louise Fazakarley
Renuka Balasundaram
Samuel Nyman
Date Published:
16 August 2018
Last updated: 
16 August 2018

Falls occur in approximately 28 - 35 per cent of adults aged 65, and 32 - 42 per cent of adults aged 70 years and above (World Health Organization, 2007). Falls have the potential to result in mild to severe injuries and affect older people’s functional ability and health related quality of life (Stenhagen, Ekström, Nordell & Elmståhl, 2014). There is robust evidence for exercise-based interventions to prevent falls among older adults (Sherrington et al., 2016), which address modifiable risk factors including muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and reaction time (Ambrose, Paul and Hausdorff, 2013).