The Patients Association Care Home Charter

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Date Published:
27 January 2021
Last updated: 
27 January 2021

The Patients Association's Care Home Charter was launched in 2019 to improve medication practices for people living in care homes across the UK. 

The Charter has been piloted in 22 care homes across England, Wales and Northern Ireland and has been endorsed by several organisations including the British Geriatrics Society, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and the Royal College of Nursing.

Click here to download the Charter from The Patients Association website.

Developed in collaboration with experts in health and social care and endorsed by the British Geriatrics Society, the Charter aims to help support residents living in care homes to be actively involved in decisions about their care. It also provides a guideline for care home staff to follow in order to improve medication practices.

The Charter consists of a nine-point guideline for care home residents and their families, and is designed to promote and advance shared decision-making and improve patient safety.

It emphases the importance of residents being involved in regular monitoring and review of medications, and states that medicines should only be given with a resident’s consent, unless they lack the capacity to provide it.

In addition, the Charter also provides a nine-point guideline for care home staff to follow, stating that medicines should not be hidden by staff in food or drink, unless it is in a resident’s best interests and all legal requirements have been met.

Other key points include that staff should ensure that an advance care home plan is in place for the resident, and that optimal oral and dental care is provided.

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