BGS award winners and list of lecture givers

Over the years, the British Geriatrics Society has honoured those whose work and achievements have contributed to the improved care of older people, through various awards, bursaries or prizes. The winners of each of these is listed below.

The eminent physicians or scientists who have delivered the annual Marjory Warren and Trevor Howell Guest lectures are also listed below.


Award winners

Amulree Essay Prize

This prize (currently £450) commemorates Lord Amulree, a founder member and President of the British Geriatrics Society (1948-1973). It is awarded to medical students for an essay on a subject pertinent to ageing or old age written from a medical, biological or sociological point of view.


  • First Prize: Khalil Saadeh, University of Cambridge -What are the mechanisms underlying arrhythmic risk in the ageing population? Do these mechanisms offer novel anti-arrhythmic pharmacological targets?
  • Second Prize: Lubna Latif, University of Birmingham-Investigating and Evaluating Physical Exercise as Management of Frailty in Older Adults


  • First prize: Katherine Bowden-Brown, Newcastle University- Healthy Ageing, Physical Activity and Sarcopenia

  • Second Prize: Melina Li How Cheong,University of Buckingham-Depression in the Elderly Population;A Public Health Crisis that Needs Addressing

  • Third prize: Roxanna Abhari,oxford University- Living with faecal incontinence:patients’ experiences and behaviour, impact on health, and duty of the healthcare profession.


  • First Prize: Ruari Floyd ,University of Limerick-Non-pharmacological interventions for cognitive impairment post chemotherapy in patients with breast cancer
  • Second Prize: Rose Bell, University of Birmingham medical school-Could Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment save the NHS?
  • Third prize: Fezan Mughal,St Andrews University, Scotland-On the importance of taste and smell in ageing 



  • First Prize: Keiron Jankowski, University of Sheffield: What factors affect survival in critically ill older people?
  • Second Prize: Avinash Harinarayanan, Manchester University - Vascular Parkinsonism and the ageing brain
  • Third Prize: Joint winners Sarah Alexis Gritis, University of St Andrews Medical School - The pain of Parkinson's Disease; and Natasha Povey, Lancaster Medical School - Immunosenescence - can it be reversed? 


  • First Prize:  G Di Paolo, Keele University School of Medicine - Researching the health of our ageing population
  • Joint Second Prize Winners: Tom Fitzgerald, University of Southampton - The Usual Medical Care of Older People in Primary Care
  • and Joseph O'Keeffe, University of Leicester - Towards a Geriatric General Practice


  • First Prize: Charlotte Boreham - Dietary restriction and its impact on the neuropathology of Alzheimer's Disease
  • Second Prize: Adam Dyer - Cognitive impairment and dementia in older adults with Type II Diabetes Mellitus
  • Third Prize: Mary-Elizabeth Conn - Could incorporating geriatric assessment methods into secondary care specialities eradicate age discrimination in the NHS?


  • First Prize: Clare Langan, Edinburgh University - Does Immunotherapy hold the cure for Alzheimer's Disease?
  • Second Prize: Rachel McNulty, St George's University of London - Safeguarding older adults and the role of doctors
  • Third Prize: Daniel J. Fitzgerald, Magdalen College, University of Oxford Medical School - The impact of chronic illness: observations of a patient-caregiver relationship in PD


  • First Prize: Annie Ritson
  • Second Prize: Kathryn Price
  • Third Prize: Vanda Ho


  • First Prize: R Visagan
  • Second Prize: Charles D Timms
  • Third Prize: Alpa Kanji


  • First Prize: Nathan Gauge;
  • Second Prize: Brinta Rabindra;
  • Third Prize (Joint Winners): Rachel Varughese; and Bernard Maybury


  • First prize: Mary NĂ­ Lochlainn
  • Second prize: Biren Patel
  • Third prize: Christopher Jones

2008 K Belfield and M Khan

2007 S S Gill

2006 A Moolla

2005 L Quinn

2001 J Tan & A Liew

2000 P Acharya

1999 L Landon

1998 E Dale 

1997 C Geppert

1996 G A Paul 

1995 M Edwards

1994 S Dias & H Houlden

1993 P Han Ng, W W M Saweirs

1992 J Potter

1991 A Hayter, J in der Schmitten and I tomlinson

1990 D M I C Wawman

1989 R M Chalmers & S Chopra

1988 S M Wilde

1987 S Lowrey

1986 S J Dove

1985 L Hughes-Davies

1984 A Nemeth

1976 H Peach

1983 M A Carling

1982 H S Smith & D McCormack 

1981 J Rees 

1979 P J M Davis

1978 J S Kroll & I Tomlinson 

1977 S Maybin & W B Taylor

BGS Bulpitt Prize

The Cardiovascular Section of the BGS awards two prizes of £400 every year.

2021 Alex Mankoo

2018 Alisha Chauhan

2017  Jemma Mickleburgh


BGS Medal for the Relief of Suffering Amongst the Aged

This award is made to individuals who are not members of the BGS, for their outstanding contribution to the welfare and alleviation of suffering of the aged.

1997 Sir George Edward Godber GCB, David Hobman CBE Esq and Prof R D T Cape (in Australia in recognition of his early work in the UK)
1998 Dr Hana Hermanova
1998 HRH The Prince of Wales
1999 Lady Sally Greengross OBE and Michael Lake CBE
2000 Dr Mary Bliss
2003 Lord Stewart Sutherland
2008 Baroness Julia Neuberger
2009 Professor Robert Kane
BGS Movement Disorders SIG Annual Essay Prize


Hannah Mudge University of Southampton

Isabelle Shaw University of Plymouth

Sharmi Haque Maastricht University Netherlands


Keng Siang Lee Bristol Medical School, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Bristol, Bristol

Charlotte Randall Nottingham University

Elizabeth Dennis Newcastle University


George Higginbotham Leeds University

Georgious Kounidas University of Aberdeen

Alin Loan Suseanu King’s College London


George Higginbotham Leeds University

David Munn               University of Glasgow

Peter Woods              University of Warwick

Kevin Teo, University of Cambridge
Hunaynah Patel, Leicester Medical School
Owen Duffey, University of Oxford
George Williams, St George's University of London 
Su Ling Yeoh, Cambridge University 
Leah Disse, University of Aberdeen 
Hunaynah Patel, University of Leicester 
Frances Freer, Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry 
Asha Gibbs, University of Birmingham
Donald McVinnie, University of Glasgow
Elliot Gemmell, University of Aberdeen Medical School
Emma Fisher
Sarah Hutchinson of Warwick Medical School
James Garrard of University of Leicester
Raphaela Furnivall of University of St Andrews
Nisha Pindoria of Barts and the London Medical School
Sarah Hutchinson of Warwick Medical School
Steven Vates of Warwick Medical School
Sarah Hutchinson of Warwick Medical School
Nisha Pindoria of Barts and London Medical School
Steven Vates of Warwick Medical School
Adrian Shields of King's College, London
Nick Robertson of Newcastle University
Sathiji Nageshwaran of University College, London
Chieh Yang Koo of University of College of London
Paul Zeun of Brighton and Sussex medical School
Karan Patel of University of Leeds
Haran Sivapalan
Katie Honney
W Y Leung
John McGrath
Neil Singh
Joel Raffel
BGS Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award was inaugurated in 2015 to recognise doctors, nurses and AHPs who have made exceptional contributions to the field of older people's health care, early in their career. Two awards are available each year; one for research contributions that have translated into, or are in the process of being translated into, improvements to the care of older people, and the other for a clinical quality project which improves the care of older people with frailty in the award holder's locality.

2022 Dr Stephen Lim (Research) and Dr Towhid Imam (Clinical Quality) 
2021 Dr Mary Ni Lochlainn (Research) and Dr Jenni Burton (Clinical Quality) 
2020 Dr Atul Anand and Dr Richard Dodds (Research) 
2019 Dr Katie Robinson (Research) and Dr Anna Steel  (Clinical Quality) 
2018  Dr Thomas Jackson (Research) and Dr Ruth Law (Clinical Quality)
2017  James Frith (Research)
2016   Daniel Davis and Roman Romero-Ortuno (Research)
BGS Special Medal

Inaugurated in 2015, the BGS Special Medal recognises non-BGS members who make a contribution to improving the quality of life of older people throughout society.

Click here to find out about how to nominate someone for this award.

2021: Leon and Janet Warmley
2020 Bex Townley
2019 Marie Mitchell
2018 Gary Fitzgerald

2017  Jill Normington
2016  Susan Stefiuk
2015  Brenda Stagg
Dhole-Eddlestone Memorial Prize

The Dhole-Eddlestone Memorial Prize is funded by a legacy from Dr Manindra Kumar Dhole, a BGS member who died in 1977. The prize is so named to commemorate the anniversary of his marriage with Dr Eddlestone. 

From 2018 onwards, one cash prize of £1,000 is made each year and announced on the following 14 January, the anniversary of the date of their marriage. 

Applications are not accepted. The prize goes to ‘the most deserving published work of medical research appertaining to the needs of aged people’, in practice, the paper published in Age and Ageing each calendar year which most impressed the judging panel.

Up until 2014, the prize was awarded to outgoing Editor-in-Chief of Age and Ageing. The winners were as follows:  

1980 Prof A N Davison
1982 Prof F I Caird 
1984 Dr A N G Clarke 
1986 Prof A N Exton-Smith 
1988 Prof H M Hodkinson 
1990 Prof J C Brocklehurst 
1992 Prof M S J Pathy 
1994 Prof Sir John Grimley Evans 
1996 Prof T H D Arie 
1998 Prof W J MacLennan 
2000 Prof T B L Kirkwood
2002 Prof R Tallis 
2004 Prof G Mulley 
2006 Prof G Wilcock
2008 Prof Christopher Bulpitt
2014 Prof Roger Francis

Eli Lilly International Travel Bursary

Eli Lilly inaugurated an annual £300 bursary in 1992 to assist a Specialist Registrar or Registrar training in geriatric medicine to present a research paper at a meeting outside the UK. This bursary is no longer available.

1992 G A Ford
1993 T Masud and D G Smithard
1994 P H Gompertz and T Solanki
1995 G E Mead and P G O'Mahony
1996 M Davis and G E Ashcroft
1997 G E Mead and G M Batty
1998 No award made
1999 M Rizeq
2000 No award made
2001 M Uddin and S Ragab

Elizabeth Brown Prize

This award (currently £200) was established by the late Professor E Woodford Williams in memory of Elizabeth Brown, and is presented each year for the best paper read at the Spring Meeting by a member of the Society who is not a consultant.

1978 J A Dalziel
1979 N Sterling
1980 P J W Scott
1981 G A Campbell
1983 D Clinch & P W Goldstraw
1984 M Horan
1985 I Huggett & R K T Williams
1986 G Wright
1987 Kevin Somerville
1988 D O'Neill 
1989 E MacDonald 
1990 M J Connolly 
1991 K A McLean 
1992 G Parker 
1993 P Langhorne 
1994 P R Woodhouse
1995 P G O'Mahoney
1996 K M Debrah
1997 J Newton
1998 C N Lee 
1999 L Kyne
2000 R M Doyle 
2001 A M Qureshi
2002 V Tut
2003 R M Doyle
2004 M Mirkhur
2005 G Ellis
2006 J A McManus 
2007 L Daniels 
2008 I A Lang (a double prize for two presentations deemed of excellent quality)
2010 R Romero-Ortuno
2011 S Hope and F Werret
2013 G W Duncan
2014 Carmel Darcy
2015 J Whitney
2016 L Oates - Promoting oral fluid intake in hospital: the Northumbria Assessment of Hydration
2018 L Brown - The impact of pain in older people with frailty: results form the CARE 75+ cohort study
2018 A Wahab - Did you mean to make me bleed? Treating frail older people with NSTEMI carries a high risk of bleeding
2019 G Lewis - Is your patient more confused than normal? A complete audit cycle on the diagnosis and management of delirium at Watford General Hospital

2020 Sarah Combe

2021 M Ashraf

2022 Linda Birt

Eva Huggins Prize

This prize, inaugurated in 2007, celebrates Miss Eva Huggins, Matron of the West Middlesex County Hospital in 1936, at the time Dr Marjory Warren took charge of the workhouse and began to re-organise the care of older people, and to formulate her early ideas on the special needs of this group in society. The prize is awarded for the best poster presented in the nurse and AHP category at the BGS Scientific meetings.

2007 G Grout
2009 S Goldberg
2010 T Bowers
2011 H Short and S Mullay
2012 J Topp - Poster title: Communication With The Deaf Or Hearing-impaired Elderly Inpatient. A Service Evaluation Study
2013 M Thompson - Poster title: Sustaining the reduction of pressure ulcers in patients with hip fracture
2013 C Neighbour - Poster title: Improved outcomes for patients following the implementation of an orthogeriatric model of care following hip fracture.
2014 Katie Robinson - Poster title: Developing a Chair Based exercise Programme for Older People
2014 Radcliffe Lisk - Poster title: The impact of an orthopaedic supportive discharge (OSD) team in our hip fracture service
2015 A Folwell et. al. - Poster title: Reducing prescribing errors through personalised feedback
2015 H Mitchel and K Yeong - Poster title: Adverse drug reactions leading to hospital admissions
2016 S J Rhynas - Poster title: A life changing decision: exploring different perspectives of risk in care home discharge decision making
2016 Geraldine Rodgers - Poster title: A quality improvement project to create a climate of care resulting in a reduction of the prescription of anti-psychotics on the ward
2016 C Martin - Poster title: The integrated community ageing team (ICAT) pharmacy service: comprehensive medication reviews in the community
2018 E Stack - Poster title: Favourite Chairs - and the space in front - pose a significant challenge for people at high risk of falling, therapists, designers and engineers
2018 C Nelson - Poster title: The Effectiveness of delivering Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments in the Emergency Department
2019 (joint winner) - S Fernandez - Poster title: Essential pharmacy role in polypharmacy review and deprescribing for frail older patients
2019 (joint winner) - C Mayl - Poster title: Outcomes for patients following the expansion of an older person’s assessment and liaison (OPAL) service in the emergency department
2020 Juliet Butler-Poster title: End PJ paralysis initiative on Derwent ward
2021 Rachel Viggars-Poster title: Educational programmes for frail older people, their families, carers and health-care professionals: A systematic review
2021-Dula Alicehajic-Becic-Poster title: Using clinical informatics to improve outcomes and patient experience for admissions to WWL with PD and related conditions.
2022-Juliet Butler-Poster title: Falls Prevention: Community Exercise programme; reducing risk of deconditioning, falls and loneliness in elderly patients. 





E Woodford-Williams Prize

This prize (currently £200) was established in 1985 in memory of Professor E Woodford-Williams, one of the founder members of the BGS. It was made possible by donations from members upon her death. It is presented each year for the best paper read at the Autumn Meeting by a member of the Society who is not a consultant.

1985 G McElligott
1986 A Rodgers
1987 No Autumn Meeting
1988 G Yu
1989 P Wiseman
1990 I Philp
1991 M D Fotherby
1992 R A Shinton
1993 R I Lindley
1994 G E Mead
1995 J Potter
1996 T A Gluck
1997 J C T Close
1998 S L Dawson
1999 S Dhoat
2000 B L Pak Tong
2001 C Fallon
2002 A Cox
2003 H Park
2004 D Hargroves
2005 A Rash
2006 M Witham
2007 H A Corrie
2008 E Stack
2009 R Price
2010 J Whitney
2011 K Dean
2012 A H Wilson, L Daunt and Catherine Vass
2013 D H J Davis
2014 Richard Dodds
2016 Namali Samarasekara
Fergus Anderson Prize

This prize (currently £200) was established in 1989 to honour Professor Sir Ferguson Anderson, past President of the Society, and is awarded each year for the best poster presented at the Spring Meeting by a member of the Society who is not a consultant.

1989 A J Sinclair
1990 M E Ardron
1991 M V Lakshmi
1992 M Boyle
1993 S Murphy
1994 C I A Jack
1995 J A Pascual
1996 G M Batty
1997 T A Roper
1998 N A Malik
1999 J Mickelborough
2000 K Kayan
2001 J Ngeh
2002 S Awan
2003 T Moylan
2004 M D Witham
2005 A Abelhafiz
2006 S E McCormick
2007 C P Wilkinson
2008 L A Tomlinson
2009 Susannah Long
2010 C L Liu
2011 R Fulton
2012 R Ravindrarajah
2013 E Duggan 
2014 Rebecca Oates
2015 Iain Wilkinson
2016 T Elias - Poster title: 'Does the AMB Score improve ambulatory care decision making for older patients?'
2019 L Webb, C van't Hoff - Poster title: 'A Day in their Shoes: The Use of Ageing Suits in Undergraduate Medical Education'
2021 Dr Emily West
2022 Dr Sarah Drew
2023 Dr Neil Chadborn
Dr James Prowse 
Founders Medal

The Founders' Medal was established in 1987 in honour of the Society's 40th anniversary and is presented for distinguished service. It is the highest award bestowed by the Society and the first recipient was Dr Trevor Howell for his role in establishing the Society.

1987 Trevor H Howell
1989 A N Exton -Smith
1990 John  C Brocklehurst
1991 J Williamson
1993 Sir William Ferguson Anderson
1994 Peter Horrocks
1996 J Leeming
1997 H M Hodkinson
1998 Francis I Caird
1999 Sir John Grimley Evans
2001 M S J Pathy
2002 Marion  Hildick-Smith
2004 Tom Arie
2005 Bim Bhowmick
2006 Ray Tallis
2008 George  Adams
2011 Cameron Swift

John Brocklehurst Clinical Quality Prize

This prize (currently £200) was established in 2004 to honour Professor John Brocklehurst, past President of the Society, and is awarded at each BGS Scientific Meeting for the best poster presented in the Clinical Quality Section, by a delegate who is not a consultant.

2004 - P Diggory
2005 - J Orgee and H Tsang
2006 - K J C Richards
2006 - I Ugboma
2007 - E Wood
2007 - S Puthrasingam
2008 - A Cracknell
2008 - S Houlder
2009 - C Meilak
2010 - D Ahearn
2010 - L Fielden
2011 - A H Wilkinson and I Logan
2012 - S Chen and J Topp
2013 - E Lunt
2014 - Abigail Cannon
2014 - Katie Bagguley
2015 - A Todd (co-authors were A Pringle and S Keir)
2016 - C V Campbell - Poster title: An Enhanced Therapy Service for Patients with Fractured Neck of Femur
2016 - H E G Wolfenden - Poster title: A Post-operative proforma to improve sepsis identification following hip fracture surgery
2018 - Mariaelena Guidici - Poster title: Improving the quality of CGA documentation in discharge summaries in the health and ageing unit at King's College Hospital Foundation Trust
2018 - L J Abbott - Poster title: Proactive frailty management within an integrated care system
2019 - R Coary
2020-Leah Hickson
2020-Clare Baguneid
2021-Anna Halstead
2021-S Al -Alousi
2022-Dr A Vasudev
2022-Dr I Stoodley
2023-Dr Alex Burgess
2023-Dr P Sawney 
2023-Dr Zoe Doak
2023-Dr Alex Stirzaker
Marjory Warren Lifetime Achievement Award

An award for BGS members who have made exceptional contributions to the welfare of older people over the course of their careers:

2017: Dawn Skelton
2018: John Hindle
2019: Chandi Vellodi
2020: Gwyn Grout
2021: John Starr
2022: Peter Langhorne



Norman Exton-Smith Prize

This prize (currently £200) was established in 1989 to honour Professor Norman Exton-Smith, past President of the Society, and is awarded each year for the best poster presented at the Autumn Meeting by a member of the Society who is not a consultant.

1989 S C M Croxson
1990 K A McLean
1991 E Mulkerrin
1992 R Lindley
1993 S McIntosh
1994 P D Wanklyn
1995 R Prettyman
1996 E Brierley
1997 S Gupta
1998 J P Hobson
1999 S L Dawson
2000 M Bailey
2001 G O’Mara
2002 C E Johns
2003 S Burns
2004 M Giles
2005 A Kerr
2006 H Martin
2007 R J Woolley
2008 J Beavan
2009 P Logan
2010 R Hubbard
2011 Y Raz
2012 G M Pells
2013 C J Steves
2013 Germaine Loo
2016 A Granic (for a poster titled, 'Initial level and rate of change in grip strength predict all-cause mortality in very old adults')
2017 D Wilson (for a poster titled, 'Neutrophils exhibit a frailty related decline in migratory accuracy which can be improved with P13K inhibition')
2018 D Thayabaran (for a poster titled, Trial without Catheter: The role of bladder filling prior to removal of urethral catheters. A systematic review of randomised controlled trials
2019-D Van Berkel
2020-Dr R Penfold
2020-Dr A Didikoglu
2021-Dr A Arnott
2021-Dr R Milton
2022-Dr S Lim
2022-Dr Z Mistry 
President's Medal

Inaugurated in 1992 by Dr J L C Dall, this award is to be granted at the discretion of the serving president to members of the Society who have been unable to hold high office in the Society but have rendered outstanding service to the Society.

1992 M S J Pathy, M J Clarke-Williams and M R P Hall
1993 P Arnold, F I Caird and B Moore-Smith P P Chin
1994 J N Agate, J P Arnold and J Wedgwood
1995 B K Patnaik and T S Wilson
1996 O H D Portsmouth
1997 M K Thompson
1998 T D O’Brien, P P Chin and M L Insley
2001 J Knox
2002 O F J James
2004 D Coakley
2005 M Gonsalkorale and P Overstall
2006 B Castleton, A Nasar and D Roberts
2007 J Rowe and R Lewis
2008 I Lennox and G Seymour
2009 R Briggs, A Warnes and C Turnbull
2010 B Chapman, C Currie and A Young
2011 D Sturdy
2012 Jim Kelly, Aleen Jones, Pradeep Khanna and Anne Freeman
2014 Kate Granger
2015 Margaret Roberts
Research Fellowships Award Winners

Dhole Bequest

Dr M K Dhole, a member of the Society, provided funds in his will for establishing a lectureship, fellowship or a bursary for research in the field of geriatric medicine. The award (currently £180,000 disbursed over three years), is jointly funded and managed with Research into Ageing.

1981 Maria Cox and C M Cheshire
1983 A J Bayer
1985 D S Fairweather
1987 A J Thomas and S W Parry
1989 K O'Malley
1991 Carolyn Greig and P A O'Neill
1993 E J Dickinson
1995 J E Cox and L Kalra
1997 R Elliot
1999 L T McGrath and S W Parry
2004 S Conroy
2009 R Hall

Bernard Isaacs Clinical Research Fellowship

Named for Sir Bernard Isaacs, a luminary of geriatric medicine, this fellowship was offered once in 2008 to B Rosario.

Marjory Kuck Clinical Research Fellowship

Names for Dr Marjory Kuck who left a bequest to the British Geriatrics Society, this fellowship was offered once in 2008 to E Fletcher.

Marjory Warren Research Fellowship

Named for Dr Marjory Warren, the founder of our specialty, this fellowship was jointly funded and was administered by Research into Ageing. It was awarded once in 2007 to R Holt.

Annual lectures

Marjory Warren Lecture

Established in honour of Marjory Warren, founding member of the Society, this lecture was given annually at the Autumn Meeting (at the Spring Meeting since 2010) by a distinguished physician or scientist (customarily a British geriatrician).

1983 Prof P H Millard
1984 Prof J Williamson
1985 Prof J C Brocklehurst
1986 Prof M S J Pathy
1988 Prof R C Tallis
1989 Prof O F W James
1990 Prof Kay-Tee Khaw
1991 Prof C G Swift
1992 Prof S B J Ebrahim
1993 Prof R S J Briggs
1994 Prof D G Seymour
1995 Prof G P Mulley
1996 Prof G K Wilcock
1997 Prof C M Castleden
1998 Prof C Bulpitt
1999 Prof Sir John Grimley Evans
2000 Prof M Horan
2001 Prof R A Kenny
2002 Prof M Lye
2003 Prof T Kirkwood
2004 Prof A Burns
2005 Prof S Jackson
2006 Prof C Powell
2007 Prof J Potter
2008 Prof S Iliffe
2010 Prof D Stott
2011 Prof Des O'Neill
2012 Prof John Young
2013 Prof Mary Tinetti
2014 Prof Margot Gosney
2015 Prof Adrian Wagg
2016 Prof Rowan Harwood
2017 Prof Alan Walker CBE
2018 John Gladman
2019 Prof Scott Brackenridge
2020 (Meeting deferred)
2021 Karen Andersen Ranberg
2023 Professor David Oliver

Trevor Howell Guest Lecture

Established in 1989 in memory of Dr Trevor Howell, founder of the Society, the lecture is given annually at the Autumn Meeting by an eminent physician or scientist, not necessarily a geriatrician, with an international reputation.

1989 Prof C Warlow
1990 Dr J W Rowe
1991 Prof R G G Russell
1992 Dr P R Holt
1993 Prof R K Chandra
1994 Prof E Barrett-Connor
1995 Dr M E Tinnetti
1996 Prof S Holgate
1997 Prof D J Webb
1998 Prof R Marcus
1999 Prof N London
2000 Prof J Lovestone
2001 Lord Sutherland of Houndwood
2002 Prof R Butler
2003 Prof K Rockwood
2004 Prof W S Aronow
2005 Prof S Lord
2006 Dr C Twomey
2007 Prof A M Clarfield
2008 Prof C Philipson
2009 Prof I Skoog
2010 Prof G Mulley 
2011 Prof Cyrus Cooper
2012 Charles Vincent
2013 Prof Paul Knight
2014 Prof Kaare Christensen
2015 Prof Chris Ham
2016 Prof Laurence Rubenstein
2017 Roger Wong
2018 Prof David Stott
2019 Nele Van Noorgate
2020 Suresh Rattan
2021 Eileen Burns
2022 Professor Finbarr Martin
2023 Professor Tahir Masud