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This develops upon the previous, paper based members directory that formed part of the BGS handbook. It’s also been introduced from listening to our member services and communications review undertaken in 2015. 61% of surveyed members indicated they would be very likely to use such a feature.

The introduction of this feature for members is also possible due to the introduction of new systems at BGS to better respond to the growing number of members and service users. We currently have over 3,500 members at this time, had over 4,500 people attend BGS events in 2017, have 7,500 people receive our monthly emails, 11,000 monthly visitors to our blog and 14,900 follow us on Twitter. Our membership continues to grow and diversify, and with healthcare of older people moving closer to home delivered by multidisciplinary teams, networking and establishing contacts has a new importance. We aim for the members directory to facilitate this.


The Member Directory will be open to all members of the BGS and require you to opt in to this service. Your member profile, part of your online account, will be used to display brief biographical details, your place of work and your interests and expertise. This can include your research interests, your interest to help mentor others in particular areas or to speak at educational meetings.  As with all member data we take security very seriously. Your information will not be included in the Directory unless you opt in and your email and address information is not included in the Directory. Members will contact each other using the website, without their email details becoming exposed. Emails will be sent from the BGS website where the member can then choose to respond, or not, to the contact.


We hope that this will assist members in their personal and professional development. To opt in, please log in to your MyBGS account and make sure your profile is up to date with your current information, including a picture if you wish. Then navigate to the “My Membership Details Tab”. Select Yes under Members Directory and join other BGS members in the new world. Visit the Members Directory.


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