On International Nurses Day; Leadership Matters

12 May 2022

Lyndsey Dunn is Vice Chair of the BGS Nurse & AHP Council. She is Lead Nurse Quality Improvement &Standards at Western General Hospital, Edinburgh. She tweets @Lyndseydunn7

The question “what is nursing leadership?” is one that I am frequently asked. Perhaps having ‘lead nurse’ in my job title could be the main reason, however it’s fair to say my answer remains unwavering. Nursing leadership is one of the single most important factors in motivating, influencing and inspiring all healthcare professionals as they work together to achieve their goals.

Leadership has played a pivotal role in setting out my main priorities as vice-chair of the BGS Nurses and AHP council. My goal has been delivering high- quality person centred care for the older population.

Nursing leadership is most successful when the entire team is also successful. To achieve this, I have a key role in influencing and engaging all members of the healthcare team to drive and improve healthcare for older adults.

The position of vice-chair also gives me the voice to highlight key issues in older people’s care.

The Western General Hospital’s recent work on a team approach to detection and management of delirium raised a united front across NHS Lothian and saw collaboration with several heath boards in Scotland for World Delirium Day. This was a fantastic example of successful leadership and the teams working together.

I want to reach out to all nurses and AHPs in Scotland who are passionate about improving the health and well-being of the older adult and promote the benefits of being part of the BGS.

I am very privileged and proud to play a part in increasing and encouraging nursing and AHP membership across Scotland where the Council aims to represent all our multi- disciplinary colleagues.

Leadership is more important now than ever especially with the immense challenges we have all faced throughout Covid 19. I have been given a fantastic opportunity from the BGS to encourage the voices of our nursing and AHP workforce who continue to champion for better care for the older population. On International Nurses Day; leadership matters.

We are always keen to see our membership grow, and to encourage the active participation of nurses in the work of the BGS. On Thursday 12 May we have a 15 percent discount for new category C members (nurses and AHPs). Join the BGS here using the code IND2022. The offer runs until Sunday 15 May. If you have any questions, please contact BGS membership.


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