Dr Alice Jundi

Less Than Full Time (LTFT) Representative
Role on the Council

To advocate for LTFT trainees by addressing their concerns and questions and providing them with helpful resources and information.


Workforce LTFT sub-committee, Trainees Council

Reason for joining the BGS Trainee’s Council

I have worked both full time and less than full time (LTFT) during my training. Working LTFT has provided many benefits, and I have been fortunate to work in a supportive deanery, with supportive colleagues. But working LTFT inevitably brings with it some challenges. I strongly believe in the need for supporting each other as trainees. With an increasingly demanding workload, the importance of maintaining a healthy work life balance is ever more central to working sustainability as individuals, and as a wider service. This is what inspired me to become the LTFT representative. I aim to work with Zoe to build on the fantastic work that has been done in response to the 2019 LTFT trainee survey, to continue to raise the profile of LTFT working within the BGS and strive for a more equal and supported experience for all LTFT trainees.

Why trainees should get involved with the committee
We are an enthusiastic and dynamic group of trainees that represent trainees across the four nations at different grades and with many different interests. It's a great way to learn more about how the BGS works and to help shape the experience of future trainees.
Term of office: 2 years
Date of next re-election: November 2022
Email: alicejundi [at] nhs [dot] net
Twitter: @AliceJundi