Frailty: Identification and interventions

Course overview

This is a comprehensive in-depth resource on frailty in older people.  It is aimed at health and social care professionals who provide care and services for older people living with frailty.

This course is for individuals working at Tier 3 levels across all health and social care settings. Tier 3 professionals have "a high degree of autonomy, able to provide care in complex situations and who may also lead services for people living with frailty.” Access to the course is free for all health and social care professionals.

Achieving 80% or higher from the assessment modules results in course certification. The course carries 10 CPD hours/credits of distance learning  from the RCP (London).

Course modules

Course learning is divided into four modules:  

  • Module 1: Understanding and Communicating Frailty
  • Module 2: Identifying Frailty
  • Module 3: Managing those living with Frailty
  • Module 4: Building Systems Fit for Frailty

Some of the learning objectives include:

  • Define frailty and describe frailty models
  • Understand the appearance of frailty and frailty syndromes
  • Communicate successfully about frailty
  • Learn how and why to use Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment to manage frailty
  • Understand how frailty is managed in different clinical settings
  • Gain insight from individuals and carers living with frailty
  • See current research being undertaken into specific interventions to modify frailty
  • Learn about the local, national and global approaches  supporting those living with frailty
  • Gain an overview of frailty quality improvement programmes across the UK
  • Understand how frailty fits with the changing demographic and its impact
  • Know where to access other frailty training resources for you and your team.

 Access and attempts to complete the course are not limited.

Course options

The elearning course is accessible for free, funded by the BGS and NHS England until the end of June 2024. You can complete the course after June 2024 if signed up before the 30 June 2024. 

Participants can progress through the module chapters and undertake the multiple-choice questions.

Achieving 80% or higher in the assessment modules results in course certification.

The total course is likely to take you 540 minutes to complete  Approximate timings for individual modules are:

Understanding and Communicating Frailty   120 minutes
Identifying Frailty            150 minutes
Managing Frailty     150 minutes
Building Systems Fit for Frailty         120 minutes


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