Esther Clift

Chair, Nurses and AHPs Council and a Consultant Physiotherapist specialising in Frailty

She is currently Chair of the Nurses and AHPs Council which represents BGS members who are Nurses or AHPs (all 14 professions). She serves until November 2024.

She is a senior lecturer at Winchester University, leading a multiprofessional Advanced Practice pathway for Community and Primary Care. She has contributed to workforce development with NHSE, by facilitating multidisciplinary team working at the top of the registrant’s licence, with clinical leadership as a core component. She has published on transition to advanced practice, and managing frailty in Advanced Practice settings, as well as on multiprofessional consultant roles. She loves engaging the whole MDT in the art of the possible with research and quality improvement for service development.

She contributed to the BGS publications; Joining the dots: A blueprint for preventing and managing frailty in older people and Bringing hospital care home: Virtual Wards and Hospital at Home for older people.

Clinically, she is leading an Acute Frailty service supporting older people with acute decompensation of frailty to return home for treatment and recovery, using a ‘Home First’ strategy. This involves leading workforce development and culture change to enable clinical, rehabilitation and social interventions which are safe and high-quality.