2021 Mersey Spring webinar

18.00 - 19.00 5 May 2021
This meeting has applied for 1 credit of CPD accreditation from the Royal College of Physicians (RCP)
A BGS webinar on health of older people living in care homes: What can we learn from big data linkage projects? This webinar will cover a core area of interest to all specialists responsible for the health care of older people and is open to attendees from near and far.

From 18.00 - 19.00
Who should join:

  • All professionals providing healthcare to older people
  • Although this conference is being organised by BGS Mersey all healthcare professionals are welcome to register regardless of geographical location for the educational session


  • Improve attendees' knowledge on the outcomes of big data projects on health of older people living in care homes
  • Inspire attendees to achieve personal excellence in the healthcare of older people in care homes 
  • Share focused best practice presentations and the latest research in healthcare of older people
  • Takeaway new activities and ideas to advance attendees' workplace services

Bristol Myers Squibb is sponsoring the meeting in exchange for a 10-minute symposium slot before the start of the meeting.

The British Geriatrics Society acknowledges with grateful thanks, the support given through sponsorship by Bristol Myers Squibb, who have had no input to the rest of the programme content.


18.00 Sponsored session

18.10 Dr Asan Akpan

18.15 Health of older people living in care homes: what can we learn from big data linkage projects?
Dr Stephanie Harrison, Tenure Track Fellow  Liverpool Centre for Cardiovascular Science Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine,
Institute of Life Course and Medical Sciences, Faculty of Health & Life Sciences

18.45 Questions 

18.55 Closing comments