Mersey Region

BGS England is divided into fourteen regions, of which Mersey is one, and each region holds up to two local one-day meetings each year, held in a local hospital or venue within the region. These events provide an opportunity for members to present research or audits which may still be at an early stage. It also serves as the forum whereby members may feed into the national BGS.

Each region has elected officers who serve a minimum two year term. These are the Chair, the Secretary and, in some cases, a Treasurer. There is also an elected trainees' representative. One of the officers - usually the Chair - represents the region on the BGS England Council which meets three times a year to discuss workforce and policy issues which affect healthcare of older people in England.

All BGS members of the English regions are welcome to attend any regional meeting around the UK. They are also encouraged to self-nominate should they wish to stand for any of the vacant officers' posts which arise from time to time, and consultant physicians may apply to the BGS for support for clinical excellence awards.