G4J 2019

Sat 23 November 2019
Geriatrics for Juniors is a one-day conference, designed for Foundation Doctors, Core Medical and GP Trainees and Specialist Nurse Practitioners. It aims to deliver relevant and useful clinical updates in all the main sub-specialties of Geriatric Medicine, in order to improve the standard of care for older patients.

What’s in it for you?

  • A full day of relevant and interesting educational sessions related to Geriatric Medicine
  • Practical and useful updates for your day-to-day practice on the hospital medical wards
  • Session on career choices, CV building, applying to specialty, and the truth about life as a registrar
  • A certificate of attendance for your e-portfolio
  • The opportunity to enter your audits and QUIPs into our CotE Champions poster competition

What will be covered?

  • Front door Geriatrics
  • What happens to older people on ITU
  • Stroke
  • Palliative care for people with dementia
  • Life as a Geri’s reg
  • Assessing capacity in the real world
  • Perioperative care of older people
  • Community Geriatrics
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Bowel and Bladder problems
  • Ask the Medical Reg sessions and a Specialist Nurse Practitioner Forum

Our ‘CotE Champions’ poster competition will be highlighting some of the work our delegates have been doing to improve the standard of care for older patients!

There will also be a ‘World Cafe’ of informal discussions regarding career options, applying to specialty, and tips for improving your clinical practice within the various sub-specialty fields.


We have appointed BCD Meetings & Events as the official accommodation agency to support the conference.  BCD have a team of experts that can assist with individual or group requirements and will always ensure they secure the very best hotel rates conveniently located to etc venues Manchester.  We recommend that you book accommodation early to ensure you access the best hotel options and lowest rates. 

Book your accommodation for the G4J 2019 Meeting now

Hotel bookings for G4J Meeting 2019 are managed by BCD M&E and HotelMap. If you would like assistance with your hotel booking, you can contact Sarah, the dedicated hotel adviser for this event. Her email address is Sarah [at] bcdme [dot] com - Send your requirements and phone number and Sarah will get back to you with hotel options - You can also phone her, seven days a week, on +44 (0) 207 870 4100.

Cost to attend

  BGS Member
Day Fee (inc VAT)
Day Fee (Inc VAT)
Consultant / GP £55


SAS Grade / StR / GP Trainee £55 £55
Nurse £55 £55
Allied Health Professional £55 £55
Retired £55 £55
CMT / Foundation Year Doctor £55 £55
Medical Student £55 £55


  • Session overview

    Session 1 09.30 - 11.00

    Session 1

    0930 - 1000 Front door Geriatrics

    Lucinda Baldwin

    Consultant Geriatrician, Aintree Hospital, Liverpool

    1000 - 1030 What happens to the older person on ITU?

    Donald Milliken, Consultant Anaesthetist, London

    1030 - 1100 What I wish I knew as a junior doctor about stroke

    Louise Southern, Specialty Trainee Geriatrics, Newcastle upon Tyne

    Session 2 11.20 - 12.35

    Session 2

    1120 - 1150 Palliative Care for people with dementia

    Dan Thomas, Specialty Trainee Geriatrics, Liverpool

    1150 - 1235 Life as a Geriatric Registrar

    Emma Fisken, Christina Page, Chris Taylor, Specialty

    Trainees Geriatrics, North East England

    Session 3 12.35 - 14.00 Lunch including ‘World Cafe’ drop-in sessions, poster viewing, & optional sessions

    Ask a registrar: Being the ‘Med Reg’
    Ask a registrar: Life as a Geriatrics Trainee
    Both "Ask a registrar" sessions
    Older Peoples Fellowship and Quality Improvement Projects for Specialist Nurses

    Session 4 14.00 - 15.30

    Session 3

    1400 - 1430 Assessing capacity in the real world

    Lesley Young, Consultant Geriatrician, Sunderland

    1430- 1500 A Geriatrician's role in perioperative medicine

    Vicky Gibson, Specialty Trainee Geriatrics, Newcastle

    1500 - 1530 Community Geriatrics

    Session 5 15.50 -17.00

    Session 4

    1550-1600 Poster Prize Presentation

    1600- 1630 Parkinson's is not just a movement disorder

    Peter Brock, Specialty Trainee Geriatrics, Newcastle

    1630 - 1700 Decision making in Geriatrics

    Francis Collin, Consultant Geriatrician, Sunderland