#BGSFairCare: Protecting older people in the second wave

There is no doubt that in the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, mistakes were made and older people were disproportionately impacted. As the second wave takes hold and is compounded with the usual winter pressures, it is critical that all involved with making decisions about the care of older people learn from the first wave.

We have written to the Health Ministers in each of the four nations of the UK, asking them to take action to protect older people over the coming months - but we need your help to get their attention.

Please write to your elected officials and ask them to contact the Ministers on your behalf. Together we can make Ministers listen to our concerns and ensure that older people are not neglected through the second wave.

Click below to select your nation, and scroll down to read our tips for writing to your elected official.

Tips for writing to elected representatives
  • Include your home address: Elected representatives are only able to act on behalf of their constituents so they need your home address so they can check that you are their constituent. If you don’t include it, they’ll reply asking you for it.
  • Personalise the letter: We’ve provided a template letter for you to use but please do feel free to edit it in any way you like. You and your elected officials serve the same community in different ways so please do talk about the unique challenges experienced in your area.
  • Have a clear ask: We’ve suggested asking your representative to contact the Health Minister on your behalf – we are more likely to get responses from Ministers if they are contacted by their colleagues.
  • Let us know if you hear back: We’d love to hear if you received a response from your elected official – please do forward any responses to our Policy Manager Sally at s [dot] greenbrook [at] bgs [dot] org [dot] uk