Leah Bressington

BGS Care Homes Fellow

My name is Leah Bressington. I feel honoured to be taking on the BGS care home fellow role. For the next year I will be working on developing and implementation of ideas for the care home strategic project Ambitions for Change document, focusing on delivering high quality of care for all care home residents in the UK.

After beginning my nursing career in care homes, I have had a 360-degree experience of care home work across all health care sectors. I hope to be a driving force in promoting high quality of care and support putting care home work at the forefront of health and social care.

I am based in the south west of England where I am embedded in a thriving interagency primary care network care home hub at One Weston. I support local care homes with some of the biggest inequalities and challenges experienced, most recently the COVID-19 pandemic.

My enthusiasm to drive forward high quality of care in care homes derives from the belief that all care home residents deserve the best healthcare to live their best life, and I believe this can be achieved by sharing good practice, partnerships, and equipping care home staff with the right skills.

I am looking forward to this inspiring project and can’t wait to make some great connections at the BGS.