Age and Ageing journal: COVID-19 papers

Date Published:
01 May 2020
Last updated: 
30 September 2020

A collection of papers related to the COVID-19 pandemic which have been published in Age and Ageing and form an important contribution to the collective understanding of the disease and its effect on older people. As this is a rapidly evolving area of research and discovery, new papers will be added as they become available.

Age and Ageing has received many submissions on COVID-19. We select what we publish on the basis of importance, novelty, quality of design and interest to geriatricians, and have maintained these standards for the papers we have included here.

Time and circumstances have made it hard to undertake rigorous research on COVID-19 among older people, and we applaud those who have tried. We urge support for, and inclusion of, older people in WHO Solidarity, NIHR Recovery and other drug-treatment trials, and the principles underlying COVID-19 research and older people, published by the British Geriatrics Society. We also value reflections on practice, including from some leading names in geriatric medicine.

Never before has the need to distill medical knowledge and share it widely at pace been so important.

Professor Rowan Harwood
Age and Ageing

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