Cardiovascular care in the older adult: Syncope

Date Published:
17 June 2020
Last updated: 
17 June 2020

This resource series, curated by the BGS Cardiovascular SIG, brings together key principles and guidelines on the management of cardiovascular disease in older adults. 

Syncope accounts for 1-8% of hospital admissions and incidence increases with age. Patients can present to a variety of different settings and assessment may involve Acute Medicine, Cardiology, Neurology and of course Medicine for the Elderly.

Diagnosis is based on the history and subsequent risk stratification – this will dictate further investigation and management. For complex patients, a specialist service is key to this, and a cross-specialty multidisciplinary team (MDT) with interested colleagues can be invaluable.

Below are some key guidelines and seminal papers on syncope and a blog about the benefits of multidisciplinary involvement.

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