Community geriatrics: Video case presentations

British Geriatrics Society
Date Published:
05 January 2022
Last updated: 
21 January 2022

A selection of case presentations on community geriatric services and initiatives which were first presented at the BGS Autumn Meeting 2021 (24-26 November). The authors and presenters have kindly given permission for us to share these more widely with BGS members and other interested groups.

An integrated care home service in Islington

Case presentation from Dr Celia Bielawski, consultant geriatrician, Whittington Hospital and Radha Shah, Islington Care Home Pharmcist.

Leeds Virtual Ward (Frailty): Supporting people to age well, through improving community health crisis response

Case presentation from Dr Graham Sutton, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, and Angela Gregson, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust.

Taking a population health management approach to delivering community led anticipatory care in falls prevention

Case presentation from Dr S M Yule, Clinical Director, The Vale (BVP) and Janine Ord PHM lead, Dorset ICS.

Management of delirium in a Hospital at Home service: Challenges and opportunities

Case presentation from Dr Catherine Butchart, Consultant Geriatrician, NHS Grampian and Mrs Pamela Allan, Occupational Therapist, NHS Grampian.

Enhanced health for care homes: Evidence for liaison matron and MDT working Hammersmith and Fulham

Case presentation from Pandora Wright, Consultant Geriatrician, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Community anticipatory and reactive approach to supporting people living with frailty

Case presentation from Dr Daniel Harman, Consultant Community Geriatrician, CHCP, Dr Anna Folwell, Consultant Community Geriatrician, CHCP, and Wayne Morrow, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, CHCP.

Enhanced care in care homes: Advance care planning in care homes in Ealing

Case presentation from: 

  • Dr Anna Down, GP/Clinical Lead, The Argyle Care Home Service
  • Dr Graham Stretch, Chief Pharmacist, Argyle Health Group
  • Grace Birch, Pharmacist, Argyle Health Group
  • Dr Sukhdeep Chahal, GP ST1, Argyle Surgery
  • Dr Kate Senger, Consultant Geriatrician, Ealing Hospital
  • Dr Annabelle Lee, Acute and Geriatric Medicine ST5, Ealing Hospital

Urgent community response in Dorset: A case study

Case presentation from Mrs Amy Hassan, Project Lead for Urgent Community Response, Mr Rob Taylor-Ball, Senior Advanced Clinical Practitioner and Cliff Kilgore, Consultant Practitioner for Older People (all from Dorset Healthcare NHS Trust).

EDITH (Emergency Department in the Home)

Case presentation from Dr Conor Prendergast, SpR in Emergency Medicine, Dr Rosa McNamara, Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Aidan Delany, Occupational Therapist.

Acute care at home for acute cholecystitis: A challenging case.

Case presentation from Dr Patricia Mc Caffrey Consultant Geraitrician Southern Trust, Northern Ireland and Dr Kerry Maxwell, Specialist Registrar, Northern Trust, Northern Ireland.

The frailty support team: Delivering a one team approach to urgent community response

Case presentation from Mrs Lucy Lewis, Consultant Practitioner in Frailty and Eleanor Corbett, Trainee Consultant Practitioner in Frailty Frailty Support Team, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.

South Somerset Neighbourhood Team delivering anticipatory care in the community

Case presentation from Dr Deb Gompertz, Lead Complex Care GP, Sue Crisfield, Social prescribing project lead, and Emma Blake, Neighbourhood Development Manager, South Somerset.

How to reduce the number of 999 calls to your home, keeping patients safe and avoiding A&E

Case presentation from Dr Rod Kersh, Consultant Physician, Rotherham NHS FT and Manor Field Surgery.

Rapid Response: Sutton Health and Care @Home Rapid Response Team. Urgent Care in a Suburban and Urban Diverse Community

Case presentation from Dr Eva Kalmus, Interface Medicine GP Sutton Health and Care; Binu Cherian, Head of Adult Interface Services, Sutton Health and Care; Tracey Appleyard, Nurse Practitioner, At Home Services Sutton Health and Care; Nicole Smith, Band 7 Specialist Physiotherapist, Sutton Health and Care At Home Services; and Sarah Mendonca, Specialist Occupational Therapist, Sutton Health and Care At Home Services.

MidMed: A General Practitioner-led intervention for people living with moderate to severe frailty in Midlothian, Scotland

Case presentation from Dr Helen Jones, Specialty Registrar in Geriatric Medicine, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh and Dr Simon Hurding, General Practitioner, Newbattle Medical Practice, Midlothian

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