Out-of-hospital management of UTIs in elderly patients

Date Published:
12 February 2019
Last updated: 
12 February 2019

Health Education England has commissioned an educational film, in collaboration with Public Health England’s Primary Care Unit, on the treatment of UTIs in older adults for all out of hospital health and social care workers, introducing resources that can be used to diagnose, manage and prevent UTIs in out of hospital settings.

The film supports staff to effectively treat older adults with UTIs, supporting existing Public Health England tools – TARGET UTI leaflet and UTI diagnostics tool and compliments the other short films that HEE have supported in a collaboration with PHE Primary Care Unit and TARGET Toolkit. It also promotes ‘To Dip or Not to Dip’ that aims to improve the management of urinary tract infections in older people in nursing home care.

There is a link to educational resources for health and care workers. There is also a link to practical resources for health and care workers to share with patients and carers.

The film and resources are available on the e-LfH AMR site.

There is also a recently launched HEE film available on antimicrobial stewardship for GPs.

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