2022 23rd International Conference on Falls and Postural Stability

Live 09 September 2022 On Demand until 09 September 2023
This meeting has applied for 6 credits of live CPD credit (expires 09 Oct 2022) and 6 credits Distance learning CPD accreditation (expires 09 Sept 2023) from the Royal College of Physicians (RCP)
This event is intended for clinicians and healthcare professionals working with older people in acute and community settings around falls prevention and treatment.

We plan to deliver this meeting as a hybrid event  - possible to attend in person, or to attend virtually on the day. As well as live attendance, all will receive access to recordings post event.

The day will include keynote presentations from experts in the field, workshops and plenary sessions demonstrating best practice approaches available. We hope you will make contacts and start collaborations which will continue on from this meeting.

Who should attend:

  •     Consultants & specialist doctors in geriatric medicine
  •     Researchers into Ageing and Age Related Conditions 
  •     Doctors training in related specialties
  •     GPs with an Extended Role in Older People and GP trainees
  •     Nurses and allied health professionals
    •     Advanced and Specialist practitioners
    •     Consultant Practitioners/Consultant Nurses
  •     Physician Associates
  • Internal Medicine Trainees  (especially those considering a career in geriatric medicine)
  •     Medical, Nursing, Allied Health professional students

Why participate:

  •     Understand more on the key areas & challenges faced in geriatric medicine  
  •     Hear focused presentations on core areas of the geriatric medicine
  •     Present the latest scientific research to British Geriatrics Society members and elected officers
  •     Attend small group workshop sessions
  •     Network & socialise with other healthcare professionals 

Cost to attend

  BGS Member
Day Fee (inc. VAT)
BGS Member
Virtual meeting Fee (inc. VAT)
Day Fee (inc. VAT)
Virtual meeting Fee (inc. VAT)
Senior Doctors – Post CCT or CESR CP Professions


 £60 £200


Pre CCT or CESR CP Professions, Healthcare professionals (Nurses, Physiotherapists, Researchers)

£60 £30 £100 £50
Retired member/ Students (Undergraduates in Medical School, Nursing or AHP courses) £30 £15 £50 £25
Corporate Representatives £100 £60 £200 £100

*An early bird discount of 10% is available until 09 July 2022

  • Session overview

    Day 1 Session 1 9.30 - 11.00

    Session 1 Gait 09.30 - 11.00
    09.30 Gait patterns
    Dr Lisa Alcock, Research Associate and Gait Lab Manager, Clinical Ageing Research Unit Campus for Ageing and Vitality Translational and Clinical Research Institute Newcastle University, Newcastle's Ageing Research Unit

    10.00 Technology and gait

    10.30 Gait Perturbance
    Jens Noergaard, PhD candidate in the field of geriatrics, University of Aalborg and Aalborg University Hospital

    Day 1 Session 2 11.30 - 12.30

    Session 2 Fears of Falling
    11:30 Fear of falling and movement
    Dr Toby Ellmers, Research Fellow, Imperial College London

    12:00 Sedentary behaviour and falls
    Prof Dawn Skelton, Professor of Ageing and Health, Glasgow Caledonian University

    Day 1 Symposium 12.45 - 13.15

    Sponsored by Kyowa Kirin

    Day 1 Session 3 13.30 - 14.30

    Session 3 Platform presentations
    Submitted abstracts invited to deliver oral platforms

    Day 1 Session 4 14.30 - 15.30

    Session 4 Cerebellar examination
    Session 4 Prevention of in-patient deconditioning
    Dr Amit Arora, Consultant Geriatrician, Associate Medical Director, University Hospital of North Midlands
    Fractures in older people - an update
    Professor Opinder Sahota, Consultant geriatrician, Notthingham Hospital NHS Trust

    Day 1 Session 5 16.00 - 17.00

    Session 5
    16.00 Developing World Falls Guidelines: Opportunities and Challenges
    Professor Tahir Masud, Consultant Physician & Honorary Professor, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

    16.30 Prizes and closing remarks

Post Event Access

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Distance learning

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