2022 NI Autumn Meeting

Live 20 October 2022 On Demand until 20 October 2023
This meeting has applied for 6 credits of live CPD credit (expires 20 Nov 2022) and 6 credits Distance learning CPD accreditation (expires 20 October 2023) from the Royal College of Physicians (RCP)
This event is a local forum for those in Northern Ireland. It is also open to attendees from across the 4 nations, near and far. This meeting will cover core areas of interest to all specialists responsible for the health care of older people

We plan to deliver this meeting as a hybrid event  - possible to attend in person, or to attend virtually on the day.  As well as live attendance, all will receive access to recordings post event. As well as live attendance, all will receive access to recordings post event. There is a flexible transfer from in-person to online attendance as clinical service and life balance require.

Who should attend:

  • Consultants & specialist doctors in geriatric medicine
  • Researchers into Ageing and Age-Related Conditions 
  • Doctors training in related specialties
  • GPs with an Extended Role in Older People and GP trainees
  • Nurses and allied health professionals
  • Advanced and Specialist practitioners
  • Consultant Practitioners/Consultant Nurses
  • Physician Associates
  • Internal Medicine Trainees (especially those considering a career in geriatric medicine)
  • Medical, Nursing, Allied Health professional students

Why participate:

  • Understand more on the key areas & challenges faced in geriatric medicine  
  • Hear focused presentations on core areas of the geriatric medicine
  • Present the latest scientific research to British Geriatrics Society members and elected officers
  • Attend small group workshop sessions
  • Network & socialise with other healthcare professionals

Cost to attend

*All fees inclusive of VAT BGS Member
BGS Member
Online meeting Fee 
Day Fee 
Virtual meeting Fee
Senior Doctors – Post CCT or CESR CP Professions


 £30 £120


Pre CCT or CESR CP Professions, Healthcare professionals (Nurses, Physiotherapists, Researchers)

£30 £15 £60 £30
Retired member/ Students (Undergraduates in Medical School, Nursing or AHP courses) £15 £7.50 £30 £15
Corporate Representatives N/A N/A £120 £60

 **Early bird discount: Register before 20 August 2022 to save 10%**
If you can't attend in person due to clinical pressures or sickness, you can be transferred to online registration and refunded the difference.

Watch on demand for 12 months post event for all registrations.

Post Event Access

We understand that you may not be able to tune-in to a live-streamed event or webinar as a result of clinical pressures. Therefore, if you view an archived version of a Federation-approved live-streamed event or live webinar within four weeks of it being broadcast you can still claim it as an approved external CPD course. BGS won't send certificates if you watch post event  

The live CPD codes will be found in the RCP diary

After 4 weeks post-broadcast date
 This will be classed by the RCP as distance learning and will be assigned a distance learning code and can be added to the diary as usual distance learning activities would be. 

As long as you are registered  you can access the event live, or for up to 12 months post-broadcast via the platform 
The videos are instantly available
You can rewatch content for 12 months if you can’t join them all live.  
The RCP will allow you to claim CPD for up to 12 months after the delivery of a meeting where the archives are accessible.  
If you watch you will need to record this in your CPD diary using the event code and hours but we won’t send a certificate for people who only watch post event. 
Further information about CPD can be found here


Distance Learning

For the 2022/23 CPD year there will be no limit to the number of external credits that can be claimed for distance learning. In addition to the maximum of 10 approved distance learning credits you may add under the ‘Add Approved Entry’ tab, you may also add unlisted distance learning under the ‘Add Self-Certified Entry’ tab under the ‘Distance Learning’ sub-section. You will need to add them as an ‘External Self-Certified Distance Learning, Clinical or Non-Clinical’. Reading articles in online journals and e-libraries that are not approved should still be recorded as personal selfcertified distance learning. Online mandatory training required by your employer should still be recorded as internal CPD.