Medical Students

Membership of the British Geriatrics Society is open to all medical students, student nurses, student therapists, nurses and AHPs in a preceptor year and Foundation Year doctors based in the United Kingdom and is completely FREE.

As a medical doctor, regardless of almost any specialty, you are likely to encounter a large number of older people with frailty and/or multimorbidity. Sixty-two percent of hospital bed days were occupied by older patients (those aged 65 or over) in 2014-15: There was an 18 per cent increase in emergency admission of older people between 2010-11 and 2014-15 (12% increase for whole population). [Source: National Audit Office: Discharging older patients from hospital 2015]

The BGS runs an annual essay prize competition and encourages students to present their research at its bi-annual scientific conference.