Frailty Hub: Introduction to frailty

BGS Clinical Quality Committee
British Geriatrics Society
Date Published:
23 June 2020
Last updated: 
20 January 2023

These collated resources provide information about what frailty is and how it can be diagnosed and managed.

Useful tools


  • Clinical Frailty Scale App - NHS Elect & Acute Frailty Network (Apple/Android)
    NHS Elect has launched the Clinical Frailty Scale (CFS) app, a free application that frontline colleagues can download for use on mobile devices, to undertake clinical frailty scoring in real time, with people aged 65 years and over. It uses the The Rockwood Clinical Frailty Scale and works by responding with a simple Yes or No to a series of nine questions, starting at the most severely frail end of the scale. The response to the question identifies the level of frailty and provides a recommendation about how to approach that person’s care and treatment. The app is free to download from the Apple Store here, and for Android devices here.  

Patient information

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